Reliv Independent Distributor
We are so grateful for Reliv!

Hi, we are David & Jennifer Eaves from Utah.  We are the parents of 4 children.  We were introduced to Reliv in 2002; at the time were struggling with health and financial issues.  By using Reliv’s complete and balanced nutritional products we have seen remarkable improvements in our health, and have helped hundreds of people achieve a greater level of health and finances, which is our passion.

 Jennifer shares our health journey
“Before we found Reliv I was looking for answers.  I am a nutritionist and was trying to provide the best nutrition I could for my family; but we were still struggling with health concerns. I knew that even though we were eating healthy we were still falling short of the nutritional requirements our bodies needed.  I began searching for a product we could take that would be an easy way of adding many of the nutritional elements that were lacking in our diet."

The BEST nutritional products I have found
“I was very impressed with the science and clinical studies that had gone into the Reliv products; they were complete and balanced, and had so many of the elements that I knew were lacking in our diet. We began taking the products and have seen amazing improvements with our health; we have amazing energy, very strong immune systems and have overcome many of the health challenges we suffered with before finding Reliv. Reliv products are the best nutritional products I have ever seen, that is why our family has taken Reliv for over 14 years!"

The body is the miracle
"Our bodies natural state is health and wellness…. not sickness and disease.  Reliv isn’t a miracle, but our bodies are miraculous!  If we give our bodies the right nutrition…the fuel…it needs to function properly, amazing things will happen."

How to share wellness
Reliv International—a company founded more than 25 years ago—offers a dynamic, home-based business opportunity for those who want to share wellness and good health with their family and friends.

We were struggling financially when we found Reliv and by blessing the lives of others we have in turn been blessed.  We have shared the joy of health & wellness with hundreds of others. We extend to you this opportunity for better health and, if you choose, a home-based business that works…because the products work and change lives!

David & Jennifer Eaves

Independent Reliv Distributors